/ In memory of liberal reformer Karl-Hermann Flach

“More freedom for more people – in remembrance of liberal reformer Karl-Hermann Flach” is the name of the event hosted at the Kanzlei Baum Reiter & Collegen law firm. “The question of the future of freedom and the chances for liberalism asks what future a decent society has,” said Flach. Gerhart Baum, former German Minister for the Interior, Professor Frank Decker from Bonn University and Moritz Körner MEP, talked about Flach and his pioneering ideas in a socially distanced discussion session. It was chaired by Dr Richard Meng, Chairman of the Management Board at the Karl Gerold Foundation.

An exhibition at the Archive of Liberalism gave the 15 participants the opportunity to remember the life and work of Karl-Hermann Flach. Professor Ewald Grothe rounded of the evening with a biographical presentation about Karl-Hermann Flach.

Excerpt from the exhibitionon the life and work of Karl-Hermann Flach

Gerhart Baum, Bundesinnenminister a.D. (right), Moritz Körner MdEP (left)