#ClapForCrap – An initiative for tolerance and an open society

#ClapForCrap – An initiative for tolerance and an open society

Video mit Ben Salomo: So funktioniert #ClapforCrap:
Ben Salomo erinnerte an Deutschlands Verantwortung, gegen Antisemitismus und Rassismus zu kämpfen:

'Go back to where you came from’ are words that we still hear, unfortunately. These are explosive words. They are said to people from Bottrop, Berlin, or Bad Füssing. But who may have a Turkish name. Or whose grandparents were born in a different corner of the world. ‘More and more frequently people in Germany talk about others in a derogatory way. People’s origins, religion, sexuality or gender often give rise to discrimination. These developments are accelerated by right-wing populism,’ says Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, Deputy Chairperson of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. This is where our campaign for tolerance, #ClapforCrap, takes off. Carrying on from the campaign 'tolerance shows itself in action', the Foundation launched the #ClapforCrap campaign in 2019, aimed particularly at millennials. It’s about raising awareness and activism among young people and providing them with tools for confronting intolerance in every-day life – but without moralising finger-pointing. The campaign is addressed at young people between the ages of 15 and 30.

What is #ClapforCrap?

Each of us is familiar with this situation: you’re going about your everyday business and suddenly you hear a discriminatory remark. Whether it’s at the dinner-table at home, on the tube, or while scrolling through your Instagram feed: we often don’t know how to react. We can’t find the right argument, it seems inappropriate in the given situation, or we’re just lost for words. #ClapForCrap is against any form of discrimination, exclusion, or intolerance – regardless of origin, religion, gender, or political opinions. We believe that everyone in our society is a free person. We believe that everyone has his or her very own approach to life. And we believe that we must defend this freedom against all those who question this conception of human beings even in the slightest degree.

How #ClapForCrap works:

You hear someone spouting crap, i.e. statements denigrating other human beings? Then answer them with an ironic slow handclap. You’re reading crap in a comments section on the web? Then use the hashtag #ClapForCrap. For your Instagram stories, you can find suitable stickers using the search term ‘clapforcrap’. The initiative started in February on social media on the Instagram platform. You can also find more information on the landing page clapforcrap.org: On the ‘Blog against Crap’, influencers share their experiences with discrimination in everyday life. And the ‘Crapguide’ has recommendations for action when dealing with crap. We also explain the importance of Article 1 of the Basic Law for an open society.

Alles zum Thema #ClapforCrap auf unserer Fokusseite:
Hier geht es zu unserer Forsa-Umfrage — Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung nehmen zu:
It’s about providing young people with tools for confronting intolerance in everyday life.

Ben Salomo recalled Germany’s responsibility to fight antisemitism and racism

#ClapforCrap in schools

In the context of our initiative for tolerance, we’ve started a school project against antisemitism together with the rapper Ben Salomo. Why schools, exactly? 75 years after the end of Nazism, ‘Jew’ has become an insult again, particularly in school playgrounds. ‘Antisemitic ideologies are not just becoming socially acceptable again in political discourse; they are also infiltrating popular and youth culture. The very youngest are exposed to increasing hatred against Jews in Deutschrap,’ says Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. The Foundation wants to counteract this trend.

Publications: #ClapforCrap antisemitism

Antisemitic ideologies are infiltrating popular and youth culture. The very youngest are exposed to increasing hatred against Jews in Deutschrap. We support iconic Berlin rapper Ben Salomo in his campaign against antisemitism. You can find out why and how on our new poster.

#ClapforCrap communication guide: Right-wing talk must not be left ignored

It can be difficult to challenge right-wing populist or extremist talk in face-to-face conversation. Along with a good dose of courage, you’ll need clear arguments and a good communication strategy. We’ve prepared some recommendations for dealing with people who share and spread such opinions. They are available as a poster for young people and as a brochure, ‘How do I confront right-wing extremist talk?'.

#ClapforCrap Poster Antisemitismus "Less Hate, less Trouble" und "Rechte Aussagen nicht links liegen lassen": und

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